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Please call your politischen to fight against the new evel: Software patents
Bitte macht mit beim Kampf genen das neue Ungemach: Software patente


Knoppix is a very easy to use variant of Debian Linux. Knoppix is designed to run fom CD-ROM without changing anything on the systems Hard Drives. But it is such a nice collection of softwae, that it call for more.
At this stage, there are 3 basic ways to go:

I prefere the so called  "poor mans installation". And this page is about just that. What are the advantages of this install, since it is so odd positioned between the easy-try-today knoppix and the full blown debian install.
Using the CD-ROM to boot means most the time, no CD-ROM is readable while running this kind. The access speed of a CD-ROM is not so good and I had problems after time, that my CD Drive would not start spinning, when off for too long.
Some of the things I will state here would apply for this way of using knoppix too, but not all.
Just doing a full install is the

Since there is some support in Knoppix, whlie some thing are not so nice, I descibe here my experiences and how I  use my installations. I have started with Knoppix 3.3 and are now running all my Knoppix computers on Knoppix 3.4 (en).
The only refereve other than newsgroop atikels I have found is about snofrix.

The big trick

After booting with "knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1", you will have a normal Knoppix with little advantage over a standard Knoppix. But there is already one trick buid into the boot process, that can be used. If there is a script "" in the KNOPPIX folder, it will be executed. And since this is now from your HD, you can write it to your needs. The time is just right for some big stuff: Your Knoppix has gone though kernel loading and executed linuxrc. To be more specific, it is about the last command of linuxrc before starting the init process. Before this, linuxrc loads the saved settings (configs.tgz) and mounts the persistent home. Why is this a perfect time for your own script, because most the time, the config will not load and the home image is not found, because it must be on a mountable device, and can not be already mounted. But there is no problem to load the config here and mount the home. In one off my installs, I use a ext3 partition, which will mount at /home. This, plus the /usr/local link result is an very normal Linux system. Also, later I will explain some fixes I do in this script. It is the key to a nice "poor mans install"

The "su" problem

Just setting passwords for the user knoppix and root does little for the system. A "su -" as user knoppix will still execute as root shell without any password. The problem is two things: in /etc/pro